The youth men & women, farmers, unemployed ones, labours and women have to make hard labour and efforts for living the life as well as to meet their basic and daily needs. Because there is no guarantee that they shall get employment daily and so it results in frustration in them while caring for themselves as well as their families and that makes them turn to evil side, due to which many serious issues are created.

And so with a view to avoid the problems in future as well as frustration,, the society has been giving training of self employment and industries to them and shall help them in setting up of their own industries and self employment and shall make their economical, social, educational development.  And with this sole aim, Krantiveer Lahuji Salve, the trust has been formed for working with this liberal view and the society has been working for their development and welfare for the last 12 years in various sectors and shall continue its working henceforth.