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The institution Krantiveer Lahuji Salve Charitable Trust, Ausa has been working in various sectors for the last 12 years and working for the welfare of people and for the welfare and development of various castes and other weaker sections, farmers, agricultural labourers, youth and for making empowerment of women and with a view to undertake their educational, economical development, the society has been working by way of various ventures.

Activities By Us :-

·  The trust has been implementing the project of Competitive Examination for the students of rural area since 2005 by way of National Talent Search Project.

·   Felicitation of the talented children of the community who secures more than 70% marks in 10th & 12th examination.

·   Distribution of educational material to the sincere and talented children of rural and urban areas by way of Dnyan Jyoti Project.

·   By way of Industries Development Training Programme, to impart training of various industries to educated youth men, women in rural and urban areas.

·   To impart training of awareness propagation to unorganized labours and women labours.

·   By way of Rural Awareness Campaign, training programmes to people on various topics.

·   By way of National Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Scheme, Training Programme of Employment Guarantee Law.

·   To take Janshri Insurance Policy of unorganized labours.

·   To implement training programme for unemployment persons under Mahatma Gandhi National Employment Guarantee Scheme.

·  With a view to undertake economical development of the farmers in rural and urban areas, agricultural labours, weaker sections of various communities, youth, women and the unorganized workers in various sectors, to so with a view to provide training of various industries and agro-based industries, the trust established Indira Gandhi Udyog vikas Prashikshan Prabodhini in the year 2009.

·  To impart training of various trades viz. food processing, beauty parlour, sewing art, dress designing, readymade garment by organizing various training workshops of various industries as mentioned above for the farmers, agricultural labours of rural areas, women, youth men, unorganized workers of various sectors.